ADATA Power Bank 10050mAh A10050 (AA10050-5V-C)

ADATA Power Bank 10050mAh A10050 (AA10050-5V-C)

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Капацитет на акумулатора 10050 mAh
Тип акумулатор Li-Ion
USB портове 2 бр
Соларна батерия Не
Безжично зареждане Не


Височина 100 мм
Ширина 60 мм
Дебелина 22 мм
Тегло 220 г

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A-Data A10050 10050mAh

Keep mobile devices going with a portable power bank that’s much more than a battery. It’s a marvel of design and engineering: ultra-light and stylish, with a hairline brushed aluminum surface and precision-cut angles that lend the case a diamond-like look. Inside is a 10050mAh power source with two USB ports totaling 3.1A for fast simultaneous top-up of smartphones, tablets, and other devices. Synced charge/discharge makes this a very fast power bank that saves you precious time and improves overall safety and efficiency.

Big capacity at the ready

Work and travel free from worrying about running out of power. With 10050mAh, you get a full 3.7 charges for a device like the iPhone whenever needed, standing by to top-up batteries quickly.

Bright and clear LED status indicator

The A10050 keeps you always informed. Its LED indicator is very prominent in the sleek design and stays constantly up to date so you’re in the know. It shows you when the power bank is on, when it’s charging and discharging, and most importantly the current battery level, including a low charge caution light.

Capacity 10050mAh (Lithium-ion rechargeable battery 37.2Wh)
Colors Silver

Dimensions (L x W x H)
100 x 60 x 22mm / 3.93 x 2.36 x 0.86"

220g / 7.8oz

DC 5V/2A (Micro USB)

DC 5V 2.1A (Type-A USB)
DC 5V 1.0A (Type-A USB)
Micro USB Cable; User Manual

Notes ADATA Power Banks utilize rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, and the value of rated capacities are affected by various factors including but not limited to ambient temperature, testing conditions and methods. The rated capacities of ADATA Power Banks are all tested and approved by a third party test labs under specified conditions. (The available capacity of rechargeable batteries decreases gradually with time and the number of uses according to battery characteristics. )

Продукт известен още и като Power Bank 10050 mAh A 10050 AA 10050 5 V C, PowerBank10050mAhA10050AA100505VC, Power Bank 10050mAh A10050 (AA10050 5V C), PowerBank10050mAhA10050AA10050-5V-C, Power Bank 10050mAh A10050 (AA10050-5V C)



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