Fresh 'n Rebel Concrete 9000mAh (FNR-PB-9000-CC)

Fresh 'n Rebel Concrete 9000mAh (FNR-PB-9000-CC)

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Капацитет на акумулатора 9000 mAh
Тип акумулатор Li-Ion
Соларна батерия Не
Безжично зареждане Не


Тегло 200 г

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Fresh n Rebel PowerBank 9000mah

Power up two devices at once

The Powerbank 9000 mAh is the ultimate rechargeable backup battery for all your mobile devices. With this much backup power in your bag, you never have to worry again about your battery running out on long trips. Charge your phone three times, a small tablet like the iPad Mini twice and a large tablet like the iPad Air once. Of course you can also give a boost to your camera or iPod. The Powerbank 9000 mAh comes with two USB ports, one regular 1 A port and one powerful 2.4 A port, that charges your devices twice as fast. You can even charge two devices at once.
With a stylish look and feel, the Powerbank 9000 mAh combines smooth-touch materials, brushed metal, soft LEDs and a tanned leather label with embossed logo. Available in five must-have colours, you can choose one that blends in or one that pops out.
Weighing in at under 200g, the Powerbank 9000 mAh is light enough to be the ideal companion for long trips. With premium battery cells and five comprehensive safety features, your phone and tablet are always safe and sound. Thanks to the power indicator button, you can check the battery level anytime. Take the Powerbank 9000 mAh with you when youre out and about and keep your devices charged wherever you go.

ТИП БАТЕРИЯ Външна батерия
БРАНД Универсален
ЦВЯТ Зелен
ДРУГИ Li-Ion Продукт известен още и като Concrete 9000 mAh FNR PB 9000 CC, Concrete9000mAhFNRPB9000CC, Concrete 9000mAh (FNR PB 9000 CC), Concrete9000mAhFNR-PB-9000-CC, Concrete 9000mAh (FNR-PB-9000 CC)

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