Veho Pebble Portable 3000mAh VPP-001-M

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Капацитет на акумулатора3000 mAh
Тип акумулаторLi-Ion
USB портове1 бр
Соларна батерияНе


Височина89 мм
Ширина63 мм
Дебелина14 мм
Тегло84 г

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The powerful PEBBLE Mini Portable Battery charger is the must have accessory to keep all your mobile devices full of charge. It will charge almost any portable device with connectors for iPhone/iPod/Blackberry/Most Mobile phones/USB charged devices/Veho MUVI and KUZO range.

The PEBBLE Mini packs a 3000Mah which is 2 times the regular battery of the Apple iPhone or Smartphone and means it will keep your devices on the go and you won't have to worry about running low on juice.

The PEBBLE Mini is perfect for festivals, camping trips, travelling abroad or as an emergency power pack for those busy days when your devices battery just can't keep up. The PEBBLE Mini will charge almost any portable device with connectors for iPhone/iPod/Blackberry/Most Mobile phones (check technical details for long list of devices)/USB charged devices/Veho MUVI and KUZO range. Simply charge your PEBBLE Mini up via USB and use the various adapters to keep all your mobile devices charged up.

The PEBBLE Mini has a new smaller ‘credit card’ sized footprint perfectly portable and comes with 4 tips, charging cable and funky neoprene pouch to carry it all.

Key Features:

- Will charge most popular mobile devices including iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, Samsung, Nokia, Sony, Gaming and USB charged devices
- Mini credit card sized portable design with included neoprene carry case. Perfect for handbag or pocket (8.5cm x 6cm x 1cm)
- Auto shut-off mode to protect against short circuit, over-current, over-charging, and over-discharging
- Powerful 3000Mah portable battery charger (up to 1000 iPhone extra standby hours or 90 hrs extra music playback)
- Around 2 full charges of most iPod/Smartphone's/Blackberry's

Battery capacity    3000 mAh
Input voltage    5V/1000 mAh
Output voltage    5V/800 mAh
Unit dimensions    L 89mm x W 63mm x H 14mm
Weight    84g

Box Includes:

- VPP-001-M PEBBLE Mini
- 4 charging tips
- USB charging cable
- Manual Продукт известен още и като Pebble Portable 3000 mAh VPP 001 M, PebblePortable3000mAhVPP001M, Pebble Portable 3000mAh VPP 001 M, PebblePortable3000mAhVPP-001-M, Pebble Portable 3000mAh VPP-001 M
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